Our story begins in 2019. After a series of quite interesting events we decided to start our own breeding program with Ragdolls.
I was in love with this breed since forever and always wanted to own one, but until then I mostly had rescued kittens and cats, never a purebreed.

I had planty of experience with cats and animals in general since I also studied animal science. However, later in life I never pursued a career in these fields, but the love and passion for animals and especially cats was constantly present and a theme in my life.

So when finally an opportunity showed to start my own cattery, I didn’t hesitate.
I found a reputable breeder that was willing to help me start and also be my mentor. So in December 2019 I brought home our first Ragdoll and future queen from Cattydolls cattery in Zagreb (HR). In January 2020 we got another female from the same cattery and our first stud that came from Chech Republic (Ornelia*CZ cattery), and our foundation line was set.